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Trust Technique Video Course
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 231 reviews
by Janet Ball on Trust Technique Video Course

Amazing, mind blowing and enlightening. The Trust Technique has enabled me to develop a deep connection with my horses. Creating trust, harmony and respect. Thank you.

by patrice on Trust Technique Video Course

Beyond belief and so excited to start the course. Thank you for your heart, already a blessing to me.

by Sur on Trust Technique Video Course

The most beautiful thing I have ever being involved in. Thanks James and Shelly for opening my eyes and heart. You have changed my life and my animals. This course is truly amazing and the best thing I have ever done with my life. ???

by Olive on Trust Technique Video Course

Fascinating information! So far, I'm loving the course. Thank you for sharing!

by Lesley Startin on Trust Technique Video Course

James , I just love your approach with animals and to watch you is truly inspirational . I have just watched you working with Delorean and it bought tears to my eyes . Your input was so important to help him to have a peaceful passing - thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences .

by Liz McBride on Trust Technique Video Course

Exactly what I needed! Practical and doable. Pure genius, simplified into essential principles & details, with abundant video examples providing an immersive experience where we see, hear, feel and understand what is happening. Inspiring, informative, ground-breaking. It also gives us a way to resolve our own issues so they don't get in the way of helping our animals - now that is valuable all by itself! It's been life changing for me; deeply affirmative, giving a way forward that has heart, soul, and intellect beautifully balanced. A game-changer.

by Monika on Trust Technique Video Course

This video course is in fact far more than what I expected. You get a very strong tool on hand to work with your animals. And James is very clear on his instructions and adresses all areas that could cause trouble for the learner. After 8 years of living with a traumatized dog, I finally understand what is going on in her mind and feel that I have found the way how to help her. The changes are slow but there have been some incredible steps forward. My dog is so grateful for the extra time and understanding I now have for her, we have grown together a lot. Thank you so much for sharing the Trust Technique with us.

by Jane Charlton on Trust Technique Video Course

My animals and I thank you so much for sharing the wonderful gift of the Trust Technique. The tutorials are so well thought out and clear and have instilled me with confidence. The case studies are totally inspirational. This course has enabled me to truly listen to my animals and help them to be peaceful.

by Lilian Weiss on Trust Technique Video Course

Thank you so much out of the depth of my heart. I do have a dream to really connect with my animal family more deeply than I have succeeded up till now. I have tried especially to achieve true Connection with my Icelandic horses but also my dogs and cats. I have practiced mindfulness for riders , am practicing Taiqi for many year and done many courses on horsemanship on true feel,savvy for riders and studied with prominent horsemanship instructors. Nobody has explained and demonstrated like you how I and my animals need to be to be truly connected. I still have a lot of lessons to study and I feel so happy excited and thrilled about what I am now learning. Thank you again so much for sharing these lovely techniques for Being.

by Priscilla Korb on Trust Technique Video Course

Just finished the new Salt River Wildhorse videos which I just received. Nakota, Agave, and Red The Stallion. They were wonderful. I am especially interested in them because I live close to the horses during 6 months of winter and will be attending a SRWHMG Orientation on Feb. 16th hoping to do some volunteer work with them.
Thank you.

by Joan on Trust Technique Video Course

I am going through the videos for the second time and. learn something extra with each one. I am getting closer to my childhood ambition of talking to animals

by Leysa Henderson on Trust Technique Video Course

I wish I could give more stars than just five. What a huge inspiration Shelly and James are. I loved every video and every story, becoming addicted to them. With each story, you fall into the learning journey and want to see how it ends. They demonstrate time and time again how we can give hope and peace to animals. I can't wait to start my practitioners course. Keep the videos coming, I need my fix!

by Cecilia Skedinger on Trust Technique Video Course

The Trust Technique is to relationship
what E= mc² was to science.

by sandy matts on Trust Technique Video Course

We work with rescued horses and at-risk children 7-18. The horses and children heal each other, but not until they can find that deep connection that The Trust Technique teaches. My highest regards and deepest thanks to James and Shelley!

by Deb on Trust Technique Video Course

Can't thank you, James and Shelley, enough for sharing this technique with us. The ability to help people and animals in such a lovely peaceful way is so beautiful...and often quite emotional. I understand...and really listen... so much more to my two wee ponies. Everyone who shares their lives with horses should be required to take this video course. Ohh what a better world it would be!

by Leysa Henderson on Trust Technique Video Course

The video course is outstanding. It has inspired me to move into a world I want to live, with confidence and love. James and Shelley are truly amazing people. They've bought the most incredible way of working with animals into being. One which resonates with my beliefs and philosophy on how we should work with animals. Mindful regard is a miracle and needs to be spread around the world with love. Thank you for the learning. I'm incredibly excited.

by janet on Trust Technique Video Course

although i have jumped in and out of this course .the impression it has made not just on my life but my dogs is quite amazing. i feel my confident in my life and i understand better what my dogs and foster dogs need from me ...i hope that one day i can do the full course ...thank you

by Ruth Hunt on Trust Technique Video Course

This has been a life changing experience for me. I have been training animals all my life, but once I embraced the Trust Technique, it took my connection to the animals in my life to a totally different level. One of mutual respect, appreciation and understanding. I will forever be grateful for this blessing.

by Cecile on Trust Technique Video Course

I feel deeply grateful for this course. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It gives me inspiration to behave and look at the animals differently.

by Sue on Trust Technique Video Course

Thanks so much to Shelly and James for providing this beautiful course. It has helped myself personally and my animals . My horses esp one who was carrying so much stress he is slowly releasing and he’s real personally is coming out it so beautiful to see . I would recommend this course to anyone who wants a deep connection with your animal friends . ?

by Molly Jordan-Koch on Trust Technique Video Course

I’ve now watched 42 videos, and feel so grateful for the way the trust technique is moving the dial in how we relate to and “regard” our animals. I cannot spend time with my horses or dogs without feeling the presence of an opening between and among us. I’m looking forward to exploring more of deepening trust through this wonderful course.

by Gertrud on Trust Technique Video Course

I have now watched every section/lesson twice, and the second time found lots of things that 1) I cannot remember seeing the 1st time round (!) and 2) that I now understand much better, against the background of the entire course. Doing this course does something to you on more than one level! Can only HIGHLY recommend it.

by Sue Webb on Trust Technique Video Course

Very easy to watch and learn. I recommend it to anyone interested in animals and having a good relationship with them.

by Melinda Wells on Trust Technique Video Course

The course is really well laid out, layering information by introducing a topic and returning to it so you can really "get" it. I have been using this course in preparation for taking on a highly sensitive rescue dog - which has been a process over several months. In the meantime, our Beagle, along with all of us, has been reaping the benefits of receiving TT and our new Rescue arrived 5 days ago. I have been doing 3 x 10ish mins a day and he is already a much more chilled out dog. I sent a video of him to his foster home and she literally burst into tears saying she had never seen him so relaxed and at peace. I can't recommend this course highly enough, it just makes everyone in the family more gentle and thoughtful.

by Jan Skuba on Trust Technique Video Course

Sooooo great! I am really grateful for all the hard work that went into putting this course together! James had me when I saw all the horses lay down! I am going to be very busy at my barns!Looking forward to my first horse going to the land of Nod! I am soaking in all of the information and will head towards the practicioner level. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.

by Leanne Thorne on Trust Technique Video Course

I have witnessed the successful results of this course over and over again. The more work I do with an animal and teach their person the more results I see. I get daily emails or texts from people I have directed to James TT. It has brought so many people to a place of understanding "what" I do and why I say you don't need to be forceful to help your animal. James nails it! it's not a program as much as it is a universal awaking of animal and human connection.
My husband and I went to a weekend workshop in BC and met Shelly and James. No two people are more authentically helping people to understand the relationship one can have with their companion animals. It is amazing, beautifully uplifting and truly it is life altering for me. I am an animal communicator energy healer for animals and no modality I have learned is more aligned with the animals needs to be healed than this. Thank you both for all you do for the animals and their people.
Blissful regard, Leanne

by Emilie Wheet on Trust Technique Video Course

Thank you James and Shelly for this course . It has helped calm my mind and also my dog. I have finished the course and plan to start over. You both are truly a gift of love to animals and the world. Emilie Wheet

by Liane Reynolds on Trust Technique Video Course

Your course is incredible. I have told many people I come in contact with about it. It is so simple yet the rewards are countless. I am an Animal Communicator and Reiki Master and I am so happy to tell people about your Trust Technique. I am going to rewatch the video's so I do not miss anything as I did get a little too comfortable watch them and zoned out like the volunteer in Thailand at Soi Dog Rescue. Thank you for teaching me this beautiful skill and I will use it forever.

by Ildiko on Trust Technique Video Course

Thank you so much for creating this course! It is by far the best online course I have ever done and it has completely transformed my understanding of the human-animal bond. I´ve finally found the peaceful, loving and kind approach to working with horses that I´ve been looking for my entire life and the results are absolutely stunning! Every horse-lover should know what is possible with trust, peace and patience. Thank you!

by Fran on Trust Technique Video Course

I'm really enjoying this course. So many great examples of the TT in action. Everything is explained well and there are plenty of case studies to back up the theory. If every horse owner understood the importance of trust, horses would be much happier to interact with people and form calm partnerships.

by Rev. Charlotte Bear on Trust Technique Video Course

Absolutely magnificent. I cheered. I cried. I couldn't stop watching, gawking through smiles and tears about how redeeming we can make our relationships with our animals partners. This course is a worldview changer (or affirmer), and I think it should be a requirement for anyone who wants to live with an animal. Great job, folks. Truly blessed work you do!

by Masako on Trust Technique Video Course

Once I started watching a video, I just couldn't stop watching them. I got a lifetime membership, so that I could watch over and over again, and watch all new videos as soon as uploaded. I've learned so much not only how to approach animals using TT, but also how to grow as a human. This is a life-changing course.

by Melutina on Trust Technique Video Course

The videos are just amazing. And the course is really great: everything is explained clearly and patiently. Thank you for that.
I'm so thrilled by your work and your generosity, James and Shelley! I wish people may know more of your work and your dedication to the animals.
I am glad to be part of this community that actually respect animals: so many people that love animals do not respect them in my opinion. Here it is sheer respect of living beings.

Thank you, thank you!

by Laurie on Trust Technique Video Course

I really loved this video course!! I'm also benefiting personally. I manifested this and can't wait to start the practitioner program in Sept. Thank you for your work and sharing this with all. can't wait to help you share this with the world!! I finished in 28 days. I just could not get enough. I just graduated my horse to the heavens four days ago and used this to bring peace to him and my herd.

by Karin on Trust Technique Video Course

Still on my way at the very beginning. Amazing videos, very good instructions and incredible work that you are doing!!! Very grateful to be a little part of it 🙂

by Stella on Trust Technique Video Course

I am really sorry that I have completed this course - I just wanted it to go on and on! Very good value both in content and cost. I have enjoyed observing how the TT has developed over the years and I am still amazed and moved by the extraordinary results. I hope very much to join the Practitioner course and be able to help others to engage in this effective methodology. Just one very small point - I would have liked a small summary video at the end to acknowledge finishing the course. Looking forward to learning and practising more. My dogs and my friends animals have also enjoyed the course! The biggest lesson for me is recognising and going at the animals pace.
Thank you to James and Shelley for restoring our faith in the human/animal connection.

Note from James

Hi, Stella, this course does not end as we will be putting new content in soon 🙂

by Tamsin on Trust Technique Video Course

It is a joy to me to know that at least some of our animal friends and coinhabitants of this precious earth, are being treated with the love and kindness and respect that they deserve and to know that the inspiration is spreading. I am inspired and delighted by this work, although I don’t have any animals of my own to work with at this time, and other things take precedence, still I love to look in to this world from time to time, and I thank you for all you do.

by Sheilagh Marissink on Trust Technique Video Course

This is by far the best course that I have ever studied - and I have taken very many courses on Inner Peace, animal communication, Reiki, etc. This is so straightforward and easy to do, and I could see instant results that were lasting. All my life, I have been fearful and worried, and suffering from insomnia. Now I am peaceful, trust life, and sleep great. My horses and dogs have totally transformed as well and are a true joy to be with. Thank you so much, James for your incredible life work.

by Kim Bradley on Trust Technique Video Course

This is such an amazing course. The content provided will move anyone with a heart. It is so mezmerizing to watch as James works with the animals. James jumps right in with the first video with instruction, After just the first few videos I already have begun to see a great difference in my own animals. I am so excited to move forward with this. Where has this been all of my life? Many thanks for creating such a program and sharing with us!

by Dan Greenwald on Trust Technique Video Course

Thank you Shelley and James For thousands of hours of hard work on Animal Rescue as well as Mentoring us ignorant peasants in how thoroughly connected we all are on this tiny balll of mudd and water travelling through empty space!

The Video Course and the Trust Technique it self is a mind boggling journey. I hope that we will now all learn to respect and dignify one another based on spiritual values rather than material greed and Status Quo.

by Silke Babette on Trust Technique Video Course

Fantastic and a very inspirational video course. Very different and great examples.
I have already learnt a lot for myself from the content of the course and is it so lovely to see the reaction from my dog Mr. Nero; how he can learn in his own pace. What a delicate technique to create a deep bound between a human and an animal based on trust and peace. Genuinely excellent. James and Shelly are absolutly inspirational for me. Thank you so much for your great work around the whole world. I have just finished the Trust Technique Video Course and I am looking forward to start the Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Mindfulness for People with their Animals.

by Annie Larner on Trust Technique Video Course

This video course is truly amazing. I am experiencing a lot of peace myself and my dog is asking for more a lot of the time. Bruno is 14 and getting fragile now. He is a fully trained guide dog and therefore very focused on me. He has cared for me when I have been poorly and now he needs me to focus on him. Thank you for sharing your skills and understanding with these student friendly sessions. I am not blind but pretty old now and this course is a joy for us both. Lots of people have noticed how connected we are and how Bruno asks for peace sessions and how refreshed we both are after we have been present. Thank you guys I am well into this course and will share with others as much as possible. Annie Larner

by Toinette Keeling on Trust Technique Video Course

James and Shelley and The Trust Technique are people who are totally trustworthy; and the techniques they have developed and are teaching fill my soul with hope for animals and their future experiences with humans who have taken on board what the Trust Technique reveals and teaches. At last - animal-human interactions based on peace and respect. Thank you from this very grateful Australian.

by Jeannine on Trust Technique Video Course

Getting back one animal's trust into humans and into life is not easy. But James does it very quickly with the Trust technique. I wish I had more time to go forward with the course and practice with my cat .... and myself!

I love The Trust Technique course: James's calmness and love for animals is inspiring. He is one example for all those who want to help once abused animals to get to the happy life they deserve.

Thank you again, James and Shelley, for this course which I would recommend to anyone as a therapy for animals and also for humans. And thank you for what you are doing for animals.

by Christiane on Trust Technique Video Course

Hi there,
it´s a lot to say about the Trust Techique. And it´s all positive :-)))
First of all, what I really love is that it is ever so gentle and kind for the animal as well as the human. As James phrases it: Where peace arrives the unpeace has to leave, so if the human is offering the present moment, he is becoming peacefull himself and that already does a lot of good....

Secondary it´s that James deliver´s a feeling towards the animal. If he is proud of an animal you actually can feel the pride across a camera onto your Laptop, and see how much this does for the animal. This truly feeling a feeling instead of just talking about a feeling.

Next is that he does differentiate between sympathy ( feeling sorry for ) as a no-no and empathy (feeling with), which for me is quite exceptional and totally necessary for healing.

Offering the peace of mind in this mindfull regarding way makes it even gentler and opens the space for easy learning for the animal and again for the human as well.

Last but not least the Trust Technique is so easy and effortessly to learn, that everyone is able to do so and.... change the world to the better :-))))

by Laurette Wilcock on Trust Technique Video Course

Well im totally mesmerised and cannot wait to keep watching . Only up to the first topic as i am so so busy with my son who has Autism and the reason i say this is that i have a very strong feeling this will help him too. The feeling of love i got watching especially horse Millie is truly magical. Cant wait to carry on . Thankyou James and Shelley x

by elyse on Trust Technique Video Course

The Trust Technique is the most amazing tool you can learn to connect and bond with your beloved animals. Working with horses and my own pets at home, I have found that they not only respond easily to the technique, but to finally be able to communicate with and understand what animals feel, think and experience has been life changing and a dream come true. Watching James use and teach the technique in his tutorials is astounding. You have to see it to believe it! His amazing gift and beautiful spirit is undeniable. This course has been life altering. Thank you for your light, dear James...

by Jan JoyAn Tucker on Trust Technique Video Course

I am more than half way through the video course and have been applying everything being taught with my own horses, boarders, and dog. It is so rewarding to see them releasing and then to feel the new level of relationship. Helps wonderfully with training. The course is so well presented. Every consultation teaches new skills and awareness with different animals.

by Prita on Trust Technique Video Course

Hi James and Shelley,

The animals have said it all. Awesomely simple. A return to the anti speciest garden of Eden....wish more humans would or could venture in for a stretch and leisurely stroll.

by Daisy Ray on Trust Technique Video Course

I've practiced the Trust Technique in a number of situations and it works wonders. It has shown me how to approach situations involving animals mindfully every time. I know I've helped cats and dogs in significant ways, and probably also house spiders and bees that also respond to 'present moment' feelings. Thanks, James!

by beridge mallory on Trust Technique Video Course

Just done the first 2 free tutorials, (found the link on Parelli youtube.), and signed up for the year.
Found even this small snippet transformative; i struggle with my mental health and this is the single most useful thing i have ever come across.
Feeling at peace for the first time in years and, better still, know i can re-create it at will. Wish someone would start a movement to treat humans with the love respect compassion and understanding that we are finally learnig to extend to our animals. THANK YOU (4 dogs and 3 cats thank you too)

by Gertrud on Trust Technique Video Course

Halfway through my assessment is the same as on starting the free videos: this TT is GREAT! It goes straight to the heart of the matter, and to your heart too! I've always loved and communicated with animals but this is what's been missing. And easy too - just takes a little training, which is very good , very benefiting for yourself to start with. James very wisely avoids all mentioning of 'meditation' etc. -- the TT IS true meditation. Thank you James and Shelley!

by Tash on Trust Technique Video Course

This course has helped me immeasurably. It has made me re-evaluate my relationships with animals, and start to re-build these based on TT principles. It has also brought me peace at a difficult time. Thank you so much for your wisdom and love.

by Martin Ekström on Trust Technique Video Course

Halfway through, the course, it´s blending perfecly with view of life. Super!

by gwen on Trust Technique Video Course

Dear James,
The way you are helping animals and their owners is on such a deep, deep level. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. This matter is not easy although you make it look and sound very simple. Learning to hold space for an animal/individual, learning to go at their pace, learning to stay in a state of non reaction and peace ..... Such beauty... THANK YOU

by Roberta Skye on Trust Technique Video Course

Adding to my original review : on a personal note, I don't have any animals at this time, however the course gave me many reframes and new outlooks on experiences I've had as a volunteer with wildlife in Africa, and at some local shelters in Canada fostering and caring for cats. I am very much looking forward to integrating the TT with the Interspecies Communication I am exploring, including when I return to Africa at the end of the year.

by Roberta Skye on Trust Technique Video Course

What a marvellous and heartful adventure doing this course, I can't wait to meet you on April 22nd and have some direct experiences.
The pace and presentation of the material, along with continuous gentle repetition and examples made everything well paced and easy to digest.
I enjoyed seeing Shelley in some of the clips, and would like to have heard from her directly with some experiences and reflections, as she seems to be a big part of your work in the world too ?
Many Thanks for the sharing of this technique.

by Stefano on Trust Technique Video Course

It's nice to be here. I think I have found an important tool for me and my journey. The peace of mind, for myself, is what I'm looking for the most at the moment. I like your quiet energy very much and that's why I'm here. Tanks from Switzerland!

by Alexandra on Trust Technique Video Course

I will be grateful for this nugget of gold for the rest of my life. It not only helped me improve the relationship with my horses, it also made me a better and more understanding mother and it gave me a lot more peace of mind already. And this is only after a very short time so I hope it will aid me even more over the course of time. Thank you, James!

by Lynn on Trust Technique Video Course

I have been practicing with my horses & i have to say I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN THEY BOTH CAME AND LIED DOWN WITH ME MY SHIRE IF WAS DREAMING! Thank you so for teaching the trust Technique.

by Martin Ekström on Trust Technique Video Course

This is what I´m been looking for. Though I didn’t know. Suddenly it just crossed my path, and I just knew. Perfect!

by Kate Wilson on Trust Technique Video Course

I am loving this course. The videos are clear and often very moving. I have looked for something like this for years and now it is just a matter of regular and dedicated practice of the principles. I appreciate that you give feedback too when we send in questions. The only thing I would like that isn't yet possible is to have a group where we could share our experiences. Maybe a private FB group would work? I am learning so much but would love to be in touch with others doing the course. Thank you so much for your dedication to animals and to helping us students learn how to communicate better. Kate

PS there is a typo on this page - grateful x

by June Proctor on Trust Technique Video Course

I have to apologise , good feedback should include the pros and cons and I am looking for something to comment on that is missing or could be improved............. I have been practicing the exercises since I joined about 2 years now in the context of horse training and better communication . between horse and human. this practice has deepened and is revealing energy changes in the world around me. Now its crystal clear it is about my inner work.......if everyone joining can embrace this concept it is a wonderfully guided video course.

by Nicoletta on Trust Technique Video Course

I love Trust Technique, I was looking for something like that since a while. I'm a Telepathic Animal Communicator and that has increased my awareness of the importance of deep connection with all living creatures (animals and humans as well), and the huge need of healing most beings are craving for. I believe the Trust Technique it is the perfect tool I was looking for. I feel priviliged to be here. With trust and love, Nicoletta

by Cathy Collin on Trust Technique Video Course

It is a very nice course. Of course, I am going through it. Being already an animal communicator and an Apprentice in learning of Tellington Touch, the Trust Technique allows me just to wrap it all up. It is very logical and it goes with the philosophy of Yoga, when you are present, observing. There is no emotion, just observance.

by Nicoline on Trust Technique Video Course

Is thank you enough? I have learned so much, I changed. I am more confident. I am proud of myself. Many things I learned here, I knew, but people told me many times that what I thought was not right, but now I know I was. So I am on my way and can believe in myself. The animals around me changed also. So James en Shelley, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

by Deb on Trust Technique Video Course

Thank you James and Shelley for sharing your free Peace of Mind videos. I have an 11 year old welsh driving pony who is so tense and anxious when I harness and drive him it makes me anxious and fearful and can make driving him unsafe. I love this Trust Technique way of teaching me and my pony to find peace, harmony and friendship and look forward to learning all I can from your lessons and videos so that Mr Wynn and I may enjoy driving together.

by Georgina on Trust Technique Video Course

This course has been life changing for me and my incredible friend and teacher, my dog Janssen.
At the age of two het was extremely traumatised during a visit at the vet.
Ever since I could not take him to a vet any more.
Nobody was able to touch him.
Then I found this "natural" vet who also communicated with him and she told him he needed acupuncture.
That would have been absolutely impossible without the Trust Technique.
I practised it for some months with him and when it was time for the acupuncture I used it to calm him down and he let her put 3 needles.
It was incredible and really made me cry.
A few weeks ago he left his beautiful body and during his last few months the Trust Technique has been a beautiful help to absolutely enjoy our last time together.
James, you are such a gift to this world, the way you work with all these animals, all those beautiful video's.
It feels like coming home, sharing this beautiful space together with other beings.
Thand you so much for this incredible gift James and Shelley.
You make my heart sing ???

by CL Deery on Trust Technique Video Course

I have been working with these videos off and on for a year. Each time I go back in, I learn something new. I have to say that watching them is very soothing to something inside of me, and always evokes a peaceful response. I can honestly say that this course has been maybe more helpful with own life traumas than perhaps for my anxious dog, BB. Perhaps not, as she now comes to find me when it is going to storm and her anxiety begins. Always more to learn. So I continue studying over and over. Thank you James and Shelley!

by Jay on Trust Technique Video Course

This course is simply incredible. I have been communicating with animals since I was fifteen, and learning how to be peaceful and silent with them is equally vital to being able to hear them.

It calms them (and me!) right down, and my oldest and wisest horse absolutely loves it, she soaks up the peace like a sponge.

I have been able to use it to resolve disagreements among the animals, anxiety, nervousness and simply as a way to quiet our minds for a good heart-to-heart talk.

Thank you so much James for sharing the tutorials and numerous case studies with us.

by Kathryn on Trust Technique Video Course

I am blown away by this course! I always knew there was something missing in my communication with my horses and the Trust Technique is definitely the missing link! Thank you so much!!

by Barbara Smerzi on Trust Technique Video Course

I recently ordered James' Animal Communication Training CD set.
I was pleasantly surprised of how effective and inspirational his training is. Not only James is extremely talented, he also has the skills to effectively transmit his gift to others. Learning animal communication with James is very easy and fun, besides being extremely soothing. While listening, I can actually feel his energy just as he was sitting in the same room with me. And, I'm not kidding, my three dogs feel the same.
Honestly, I have no words to describe the admiration and respect I have for James . He is truly my hero, and his contribution to this amazing planet is huge. Thanks, James!

by janet on Trust Technique Video Course

Totally awesome. Have gone through the material once, and am now starting over again. It gives hope for a better world, makes me feel good, and I want everybody to do this course. My cats love it too. Fantastic value for what is given.

Thank you so much.

by Nathalie on Trust Technique Video Course

I am loving this course. It feels so good to be present with my cat. I am a lifetime member even though I just have a cat to work with because i believe you are a gift to us and animals. Thank you for developping this simple but powerful technique because you are helping to take suffering out of the world . You have a very important mission and I am greateful to have found you and to be a part of it. If ever, you would like to Montreal Canada, contact me , I can help you organize your stay. Hoping to meet you some day, till then much love to both of you and to all the animals around the world!

by Linda Comer on Trust Technique Video Course

This video course is a miracle! I've studied a lot through my many years, all different methods and courses of working with animals. This far exceeds anything I've seen, studied or read
before. I feel very blessed to have discovered this site and James. Thank you!

by annie on Trust Technique Video Course

Although I have had this course for nearly a year now I have only just started it as I have been moving to another country !

I am loving it but taking it slowly to absorb everything,

I have always been interested in communication with animals and attended a workshop once, but i must say this is the only one that has kicked in for me !
Thank you for being here !


by Ann Childs on Trust Technique Video Course

just started, and watched the intro on how to use the course. I was quite anxious about using 'on-line' method but having seen how to navigate and explanations of how it works....feel more confident.... and so inspired and excited to here goes...

by Feyona on Trust Technique Video Course

Dear James and Shelley,
This course is absolutely brilliant, it is very easy to understand and makes life better for animals and people.
Thank you very much that you made this video course.
I agree with al the other reviews that are written.

by Phee on Trust Technique Video Course

This course is even more amazing that I thought it would be! I’m learning so much valuable information and practical ways of using the Trust Technique. The instruction is clear, logically presented and includes many fascinating examples and case studies. I’m enjoying going slowly through the course, revisiting parts for a deeper understanding and progressing at my own pace. The video materials not only teach the content effectively, but they are inspiring and heart-opening in themselves. I can’t recommend this course highly enough, it will bring you a much more profound understanding of the animals around you.

by Sharon Morell on Trust Technique Video Course

I am at the beginning of your course, however this is not the beginning of my journey to discover the Avatar connection with animals. It is my passion to develop a special bond and connection with the animals that I am fortunate enough to meet, I am looking forward to learning your technique, I have been very impressed by what I have seen so far.

by Scout Wilkins on Trust Technique Video Course

This is a deeply transformational course. I work with people more than other animals at this point, although as a naturalist/guide I have been around animals all my life.

What I have become deeply aware of and fascinated by is the animal inside me, and its way of being in the world depending on whether it is trusting or terrified.

As a coach, I have used this idea for several years, to help people understand their motivations and choices in a new light. What this course has done for me is two things:

First, it has brought me to a place of being able to enter the hall of mirrors inside me where all my thinking and judgment lived - allowing me to let go, and heal inside myself.

Second, it has given me a tool to calm myself and stay calm, so I can be a truly trustworthy guide for other people, whether I am guiding them into the Utah wilderness or the wilderness of their own unconscious.

Third, there's a spectacular gift in being able to get peaceful and trustworthy enough to have almost magical interactions with a bighorn sheep I meet up with now and again in this canyon country.

Thank you, James, fro the bottom of my heart. This is the most profound and important training I have ever received.

by annie on Trust Technique Video Course

I am developing my ability to do less and create more! - more trust and understanding and also more being instead of doing. These videos are allowing me to absorb your technic myself - before I offer gentle stillness to an animal. its a beautiful experience. Thank you . I have seen Ares and Bella and Grace twice now and I have turned down the sound so I can focus on the body language as well as melt into the moment. You will not be surprised to hear that I cANT STOP YAWNING.

by maggie on Trust Technique Video Course

Dear James and Shelley, Thank you for sharing your unique gifts, they are like no other. You are so kind and generous, and I'm so grateful that you are on a mission to make life better for all animals. I agree with all the reviews and I don't want to repeat what has already been said. I would like to comment on the videos of Fanta. I enjoyed, using your framework, observing Fanta change within the physical, emotional and spiritual areas. He was so frustrated and agitated in the beginning. He then became playful, happy, peaceful, curious and joyful. My heart nickered when I saw him transition from an unconfident horse into a confident boy. Loved the way he used his entire body to strut along the path. Well done Heather! Thank you for being vulnerable. James & Shelley, looking forward to seeing you Down Under in Feb.

by Melanie on Trust Technique Video Course

Excellent, each video just gets better and better, really inspiring not just in my work with animals, but in my life as a whole. Video 19 on Intent, resonated with me particularly and has given me a clear insight into the importance of Intention. I don't use the word Awesome often, but this course really does inspire Awe ..... truly Awesome. Thank you

by Barbara Corrison on Trust Technique Video Course

This is a magical course. Every video is absolutely engrossing and left me feeling happy and peaceful. James's patience is unwavering and the animals obviously trust him completely. I am truly impressed. I have started using the technique on my rather nervous whippet who seems calmer after just a few sessions. I feel our relationship is deepening by using the information on this wonderful course.

by fiona knox on Trust Technique Video Course

just wonderful......I'm finding this version of the video course is much more comprehensive and also easier to follow. I'm going through it all over again and getting even more out of it than I did the first time. This time I find I'm working on my own issues much more......and it's paying dividends in terms of peaceful dogs . Thank you so much for putting this out there.....

by Barbara on Trust Technique Video Course

Hello James and Shelley,
what an amazing course you have provided. The web site to learn it all from is really excellent. I do not have any animals of my own right now but one day when I stop travelling it will happen.
What I love is the method you use to gain the animal"s trust and how they respond. It is so heartwarming to see how they move from being fearful to being able to relax with humans again, and absolutely wonderful to see abused rescued animals knowing peace and enjoying life.
The way you work with energy so resonates with me in how to move in everyday life and situation. The latest video "Intent" a powerful example of that. Thank you so much for what you offer. Barbara

by Betti Doherty on Trust Technique Video Course

The first video course I have done. I was a little sceptical -purely because of myself, I thought I won't be motivated enough on my own to go through the full course. What I think now, having completed the course that it is one of the best way to learn new skills when you are on the other side of the world yet feeling so connected to the subject. I loved how it helped me to organise my own time, create a routine and keep up with my own schedule in order to stay in tune with the subject but without any pressure or stress to achieve what I wanted from this course. Thank you James and Shelley for making amazing efforts with the films (I know, as I used to be working as a documentary film editor. It is not always easy), creating a user friendly website and to involve anyone who is open to learn. And finally, after completed the course (approx 9 months) we rescued 3 dogs who (and us) benefit so much of everything I learnt here. Many thanks, again for your work!

by Pat on Trust Technique Video Course

Happy New Year to all. I am new to the course and am LOVING IT! It is an added layer to my knowledge and experience.
James & Shelley......thank you for finding a way to share your own knowledge, intuitiveness and sensitivities. It makes perfect sense to me that the animals on this planet have been grossly misunderstood by humans. It fills my heart with warm fuzzies ☺️ And joy that you have recognized this, found a way to open the door and then to share this with those who are of like mind.
I'm so blessed to have found you. I'm so looking forward to seeing all the videos and listening to the tutorials.

by Liane Reynolds on Trust Technique Video Course


I love your videos you are showing how to get comfortable with the animal and gain their confidence through clearing your mind. I have found this helpful while practicing Reiki. I took the The Connection by Eric Pearl and that is how he heals with a clear mind and letting his hands go where they may. When I come in my room and listen to your course my dogs fall asleep. I do not have horses so I am going to temporarily skip to section 5 where it talks about dogs. I love all modalities of healing and animal communication.

Liane Reynolds

by Jill on Trust Technique Video Course

Have started watching videos. Totally enjoying them. Very much in line with my own mindfulness and TRE training, practice, and the teaching I do. And learning much more already. Thank you – continuing…

by Diana Hunt on Trust Technique Video Course

Just started the course after a busy Yuletide and practicing 'being present'. It is a very powerful technique for self empowerment - a big thank you to James - I am so looking forward to continuing on this journey.

by Frauke on Trust Technique Video Course

Wonderful, wonderful course. It resonates with me so deeply, and I have used it with my cats with great succes. I have found a deeper level of peace in my life. I love it, it is the best money spent ever. Maybe even considering becoming practitioner in the future 🙂

by Leanne Thorne on Trust Technique Video Course

I can not express how much I love this video course. Everyone just makes my connection with animals even more dramatic. The simplicity of shifting an animal's energy when I listening and then do the exercises presented by James is beyond belief. Even when I see it with my own eyes. Love this every day I experience another exciting connection of trust with the animals around me.

by Joy de Pominville on Trust Technique Video Course

I am going through the course a 2 nd time. I was completely mesmerized and blown away the first time and stayed up late many nights watching the videos. This 2nd time is helping me reinforce many of the details and content and fine tuning some points for me. I don't have horses of my own, but have volunteered for 4 yrs at a rescue, in between traveling in Europe and the UK for a year at a time. I have used the trust technique not only on horses, but cows, sheep, goats, birds, dogs, cats and the best part was with myself to be peaceful when my monkey mind would begin to go sideways. It has helped me with my energy work with people as well. I am deeply grateful for James and Shelley for sharing their gifts with the world and esp. the animals. The world is in a better state because of your efforts. Mille grazie, hvala lepa, muchos gracias, arigato, danke shoen, dank je, obrigado, multimesc, THANK YOU!

by Jude McDermott on Trust Technique Video Course

Wow, but I absolutely loved this course, I couldn't wait to carry on to the next session as each one ended! As the course progressed I felt I was being taken on a journey, a journey of patient knowledge being given for learning to give and receive trust and understanding. Thank you

by Diana Taylor on Trust Technique Video Course

Loving every minute - learning from the tutorials and then watching the case studies. We have just adopted a rescue cat who is very scared of people and will not be touched. He is gaining confidence every day now that I am using Trust Technique with him. I cannot touch him yet, but I have a feeling that it won't be long before I can. Everything just feels so right.

by Sue on Trust Technique Video Course

Been waiting for this all my life - a way of connecting and communicating with animals that is so easy-to-understand, so easy to see, to feel, the results.....

by Jane Roberts on Trust Technique Video Course

I am about half way through this course and it is absolutely amazing, what I have learnt in a short amount of time is fantastic, to be able to watch James in action on the videos is brilliant, this teaches me so much. I have had some lovely moments with our new cat, who is very nervous, she is very wary of human beings, I know it's going to take a long time to gain her total trust but without the trust technique I would have to question whether we would ever gain her trust. Thank you James and I am blessed to have been told about you!

by Leanne Thorne on Trust Technique Video Course

Clear and calm presentation. It makes me feel even more excited about joining James and Shelly in helping people and animals connect.

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