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Trust Technique Dream Day
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by Julie sutton on Trust Technique Dream Day

What a privilege to have attended the I Have A Dream Day at The Donkey Sanctuary? After sampling the online module I was keen to see the process for myself. I was not disappointed! It made the intentions clear, James & Shelley are truly inspiring in their dedication to their work. Made me feel so emotional that there are people out there who will stand for what they truly believe in & want to share their knowledge for the benefit of all animals. Made me feel that what I think & feel is normal! Pushed me to take this message forward into my work as a veterinary nurse, to create a fear free environment. I was inspired to take up the lifetime membership & then hopefully be accepted onto the practitioner course.

by Susanne Breh on Trust Technique Dream Day

Being participant at the TT- Dream Day at the Donkey Sanctuary and meeting James and Shelley in person was a real great honour for me. All the warmth, authenticity , and presence with animals and students was inspiring. Meeting other practioners and learners as well was great pleasure and its really hard work going back to " business as usual", means it seems hard not only longing for change but living change.
Thanks to all of you

by ben on Trust Technique Dream Day

no way to give it less stars than 5! the donkey sanctuary is a wonderful place, way more beautiful for the animals than I expected and definitely worth the trip from switzerland. next to that I had a great time meeting other practitioners of different levels and to exchange some experiences - and feelings - with them. getting present in a group of like-minded people was a new and deep thing for me. I felt like filled up with fresh energy for my future work in the loneliness of an online student and can still sense the group around me. a lot of connections being built -also with shelley and james, who in real life are even more inspirational than on the videos! to sum it up: I still dream of that dream day!

by Wilma van Dommelen on Trust Technique Dream Day

The ‘I have a dream’ day and the associated practitioner day at the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon have rekindled my motivation to start the practical modules of the practitioner course for which I was accepted December 2018. James is an excellent teacher and presenter. It is no surprise that the Trust Technique, used with animals and their humans, which James and Shelley developed is gaining an ever greater following and their team is expanding in order to reach a growing audience across the world. Their approach is simple yet subtle, gentle yet very effective. I would recommend this day and the video course to all animal lovers who would like a deeper and closer connection with their animal. It was a privilege to spend two full days in the company of James and his team and I will continue to follow their fantastic work with interest and in gratitude as a student now and as a future qualified practitioner. Your commitment, enthusiasm and dedication are truly inspiring, thank you!

by Donna Fleming on Trust Technique Dream Day

This is a massive leap in our consciousness and our relationship to animals. The day workshop was magical and inspiring , this is the evolution of us as a species. This work needs to be shared with the world, if we are to understand how animals and nature are feeling beings like we are. Feel immense gratitude for the workshop. Thankyou???????????

by Nicoletta Toniutti on Trust Technique Dream Day

I attended the Dream Day at the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon U.K.. It was my first meeting with James, Shelley and their beautiful team. It was a long way to go there from Italy but it was really worth to do. Having the possibility to learn in person from James and Shelley was a real privilege and it is something I can only recommend.
In reality animals’ opinion comes really first. No show, only real life, always with respect, compassion and love for the animals because the expertise fully matches with integrity and honesty. Last but not least, it was beautiful to realize to be on the same journey with many soul mates with whom to share common values and the sincere purpose of serving.
Inclusive, loving atmosphere, lots to learn, an inspiring day!

Thank you all from the deep of my heart.

by Kate Wilson on Trust Technique Dream Day

I attended the I Have A Dream day in Vienna recently. It took place at TierQuarTier the large modern animal rescue centre which is just on the edge of the city. It was a big decision to go - to travel from Cornwall to Vienna for a one day course but my heart was telling me to do it , I felt it was the right thing to do whatever the difficulties of getting there. And my heart was right. The whole day was amazing. I have been watching the online videos for about a year so I know already about the technique and the incredible results of doing the work. But videos are one thing and actually being there is another. James and Shelley are wonderful people with big hearts and a powerful healing technique to share. I've been impressed watching James working on the videos and so meeting him was very special. He is as he seems on the films - honest, humble, calm and compassionate.... and human! I got a much greater understanding of the Trust Technique from actually being there in person and now I have returned to the video course with an even deeper committment to continue learning. It was also wonderful to meet other like-minded people from all over Europe.
I recommend this day course to anyone who wants to work with their animals and to be part of this ever growing movement to improve the lives of all animals who share this beautiful planet with us.

I am still carrying the warmth and joy of that day inside my heart. Thank you James, Shelley and all the people and animals who were there.

by Kirsten van der Linden on Trust Technique Dream Day

Attending this 'I have a dream day with Dogs' was a dream come true for me. For a while now I have been following James and Shelley on social media and from the start I felt the importance of their method and how truely inspiring it is. After I discovered the existence of the Trust Technique, I immediately enrolled to the online course.

How many times I have been crying while witnessing the transformation of the animals who are blessed to be introduced to the Trust Technique.

This day was amazing; to meet James and Shelley in person, to see them work first hand on the animals and to connect to like minded people.

Again, this was my dream come true and I know that I will be more and more involved with the Trust Technique with my goal to become a certified practicioner.

James and Shelley, thank you for you.

by Jenni on Trust Technique Dream Day

I was privileged to be part of the I Have A Dream Day at Tier QuarTier Animal Rescue Centre, Vienna. Privileged to see the work that James and Shelley do with damaged dogs first hand. To watch the miracle of the Trust Technique unfold before my very eyes was breath taking and truly inspirational. They showed us a calm, serene, gentle and non intrusive way to connect and heal any animal. This has to be The way forward for all human - animal and human - human communication. I cannot thank James and Shelley enough for a wonderful day and giving me a new direction. I'm looking forward to learning more and becoming a qualified Trust Technique Practitioner.

by Christine on Trust Technique Dream Day

When watching James and Shelley on video, I was in complete awe. I had never seen such a peaceful, loving, trust-based relationship between human beings and animals. I had tears in my eyes with every single video I watched. And then I learned about the opportunity to meet Shelley and James in person. This seemed so unreal. And... even better than that! Because I am part of the Practitioner course, I got an exclusive invitation for a meet and greet and had the honor and pleasure to experience their work first hand.
Words can‘t describe what this „I Have A Dream Day“ meant to me. It feels like I‘ve finally found my tribe - meeting not only Shelley and James, but also fellow Practitioners and Video Course Members, who all share their passion for animals.
Shelley, James, you are making a difference, and not only to the animal world. Thank you so much for everything you are doing!

by Jeanne Sisson on Trust Technique Dream Day

I am so moved by the work that Shelley and James are doing, and I am so glad I attended the Trust Technique Dream Day at Apache Springs Ranch. It is very apparent to that Shelley and James are doing this as a part of a larger mission to help animals and help people help animals. Generating revenue is a necessary component of that mission, not their central focus. They are warm and genuine, and even if I only absorb a tiny fraction of what they were teaching, I will still have a better relationship with my animals, and I am confident I will be able to help both me and my rescued horse be a little more at peace with the world.

by Katerina Kasova on Trust Technique Dream Day

Absolutely amazing experience! So happy I attended the event! It's a total game-changer in animal/human relationship and interaction.
I'm deeply in love with Trust technique and all that James and Shelley do for both animals and humans. Their work is based on universal principles that are both simple and at the same time so profoundly healing, uplifting and life-changing (and I believe life-saving as well). Having a chance to see and participate in the practical part in the afternoon was such an honor and inspiration!
James and Shelley are a blessing for us all! They show us true potential of a human/animal relationship, so pure and loving, one that most of us would never imagine possible...
And the best part is that it's so simple. We're all longing for peace of mind, feeling of safety and trust, no matter if you're a person, a horse, dog, cat, or any other living being...
We're all ONE and sharing peace & present moment is one of the most precious, healing and uplifting experiences we can offer each other.
If there is one thing you can do for yourself - watch the videos on Trust Technique or go & take part in one of the I Have A Dream Days. Give yourself a chance to learn more about trust, peace of mind and true unconditional love, as it will be a great benefit for you no matter if you have a pet or not :-).
Big love to James and Shelley. And lots of success and joy in what you do!
PS: I'm already taking the video course and thoroughly enjoying it! 🙂

by Romaine Dennistoun on Trust Technique Dream Day

UnfortunateIy am only now able to report back on my Trust Technique Workshop at the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre. One word: Fantastic! Totally in tune with what I have come to understand about horses and dogs.
I am so happy to have attended the Workshop and look forward to following the online course. A big thank you for your Wisdom and Insight James & Shelley

by Kim Parker on Trust Technique Dream Day

I recently attended the I Have a Dream Day , featuring the Trust Technique put on by James and Shelley which was hosted at the Magic Horse Garden in Pitt Meadows, BC. I was first introduced to their website a year ago, during a large transition period in my life. I had recently lost my job of 11 years due to budget cuts. I had decided to spend the summer healing, resting, playing and staying out of my own way to see what would show up for me. James was one of the beautiful gifts that showed up. Watching the free videos I was filled with amazement and wonder and I was blown away with what I was learning. But most importantly watching these videos, I was healing. So when I saw James and Shelley were coming to BC, there was no hesitation in registering for this workshop. I am so grateful for having met them and the day was filled with such compassion, sincerity, gentleness, humor, true listening, cooperation and trust. The level of gentleness felt from James was SO profound, it touched my heart deeply. They gave us tools and techniques to help us have mindful regard and trusted cooperation with our cherished pets, which ultimately will bring a peacefulness into our relationship like no other. I am so very grateful to both of them for their teachings and for coming to BC, close enough for me to attend. They will be back next year, and I will be there! Wish they lived closer as they are dear people I would love to be good friends with. Most sincere love and gratitude!

by Linda on Trust Technique Dream Day

I had the opportunity to attend the in person teaching of I have a Dream Day with James and Shelley. Our group was so fortunate to have been hosted at the Magic Horse Garden in Pitt Meadows BC, with our gracious hostess Carolyn.

In May of 2017 I signed up for the Lifetime Video Course and later for the ACT 1 CD set. These videos and CD’s are a tremendous learning tool. I can watch them time and again and pick up more information each time. They have helped me connect more and more with my dogs and have become a benefit to myself in my everyday life.

If you do get a chance to attend I have a Dream Day workshop please take that opportunity you will not be disappointed. Both James and Shelley work so hard not only for the animals but also for the attendees of the workshops. During the workshop breaks James was only too happy to answer any questions someone may have had in regard to their own personal pets. It was a long day filled with learning and practice of the Trust Technique; I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this whole experience and would attend again and again.

James and Shelly also offer a Practitioner Course, which was mentioned at the end of the day for anyone that would be interested going further into the Trust Technique (i.e., having your own business helping animals after you have graduated from the course). Not once was there any pressure to go that route, as they understand not everyone is meant to be a Practitioner.

I closing I would like to say Thank you to James, Shelley and our hostess Carolyn.


by Diane on Trust Technique Dream Day

The "I Have a Dream" workshop in Pitt Meadows Magic Horse Garden was just the most wonderful day ever. I enjoyed every minute of it and feel so lucky that James and Shelley came all the way to B.C. to share their expertise and peace. Theirs is a gift to heal the earth, animal and person together, two by two! Their compassion for "relationship of regard & integrity" with animals deeply felt and clearly demonstrated.
The workshop is presented professionally, well paced, full of experience and sparked with humour. I would attend all over again tomorrow in a heartbeat just to spend a day immersed in peace again and to support their amazing life work. Please come again! Thank you.

by Sharon Richlark on Trust Technique Dream Day

Posted in my private Facebook group........WholisticallySpeaking

If you truly, truly wish to learn and understand authentic animal communication (not the TV kind where the celebrity is the focus and the animal is the prop) go to the link. James French and his wife Shelley taught in person yesterday their technique. What an honor to see the animals respond. He knows their subtle language. He goes to them, not forcing them to come to him. Amazing group of dedicated animal healers, shelter people, rescuers, foster care folk, pet owners.
Anyone can learn this. It works for all animals.

Watch the videos. So inspiring to watch a real healer with animals. No animal was pushed against their free will in any way. Free will and co- operation transpired because he listened to the animal's subtle expression of need. Beyond telepathy, true spiritual engagement.

He will be back again next year.

by Limor Wolf on Trust Technique Dream Day

I have attended the ' I have a dream..' day yesterday at the 'Magichorse Garden' in BC, Canada. (Where the owner Carolyn has provided a wonderful place and her own contributions)

It was a delightful day which brought things up for me, very educational and connecting all of us (animals and humans alike) with this new/ancient knowledge and state of being, the much needed healing (that 'them' and 'us' can benefit from) and with communicating in the gentlest and authentic way
of listening and 'being there'

James and Shelly have crafted this deeper Trust 'technique' to it's original way of being, our inherent right and connectedness with all living beings

HEART-felt thanks!

by Tisha Bryant on Trust Technique Dream Day

My daughter and I spent the MOST amazing day at the I Have A Dream workshop in Pitt Meadows, BC. I grew up with horses in the UK, but learnt more about these beautiful animals in one day spent with James and Shelley. This learning will be invaluable for my daughter, who is 12 years old, in breaking the old paradigms which are taught when learning to ride. It is the divine right of all animals to be treated with mindful regard, and the deeper understanding that we delved into in this workshop will be a lifelong practise. This is a technique that we should be teaching in schools. It will benefit everyone. My rescue retired racing greyhound and little whippet are also extremely grateful. Thank you. Thank you.

by Cindy on Trust Technique Dream Day

April 22, 2018. In the heart of London we find Scrubs Pony Centre created by Mary Joy. dedicated to assiting humans and horses find a balanced relationship. Thank you to her and fellow students sharing this experience with us. Please watch the video, "What Happens On A Trust Technique Dream Day? " taped and edited by J & S. . . a beautiful memory of this special day. James & Shelley, Thank you! The dream day passed by too quick......returning home with true inspiration and motivation. Debbie`s review below said it perfectly!!

by Debbie on Trust Technique Dream Day

Well structured and delivered with warmth, passion and humour by James and Shelley, who have a great connection and clear love of animals. I met some interesting people and look forward to learning more about the trust technique. Special thanks to Mary Joy, staff and volunteers - they do wonderful work. And of course, thanks to the horses for their trust and cooperation.

by Roberta Skye on Trust Technique Dream Day

Absolutely wonderful to be in the generous and loving energy of James and Shelley . Having completed the Video course, I was very inspired by hearing the basics in a seamless format, including lots of new perspectives, and learnings. Observing the sessions with horses was invaluable for noticing many subtleties and nuances - in the animals’ behaviour and in James's approaches and responses. I cherish this opportunity and would certainly attend another I Have A Dream Day just to be in this beautiful energy amongst such dedicated people. Thank you.

by Cecilia Skedinger on Trust Technique Dream Day

Thank You James and Shelley for this amazing day full of inspiration and insights! I am so grateful that you share your experience, this art of creating a peaceful connection with animals, in such a way that we all feel that we can learn the tools to create peace on earth!!!

by Nicoline on Trust Technique Dream Day

I have learned so much about the Trust Technique, about myself and how other people and animals behave. It was a great day. To see the use of Mindful Regard was really beautiful. Thank you.

by Caroline Stringer on Trust Technique Dream Day

Wow what an amazing day, truly inspiring, I hope to go further with this once I've completed the video course, I am truly grateful for having had this opportunity to meet you both and experience the "I have a dream day".

by Suzanne Linge on Trust Technique Dream Day

Thank you so much for a wonderful day! Even though the video course is very comprenhensive it adds another dimension to understanding the technique to listen to, and see James working with it in person. There is so much love in everything the two of you do, humility and respect for all living things, it really warms my heart. Im really happy I took the course and glad to be a life time member.
Once again, thank you!
All the best!

by Cathy Collin on Trust Technique Dream Day

Thank you so much for a wonderful and inspiring day. The place and the weather were beautiful. So much to learn with the help of our 4 legged friends. Hope for a better future when humans and animals live in harmony and love.

by Liz Keen on Trust Technique Dream Day

What an amazing day! I have been studying the online course for a few weeks now but attending a one-day course was invaluable in developing my understanding of the Trust Technique. I had many discoveries both of myself and my horse who has been through so much in her life ( all three of the most difficult life experiences that James mentioned). Watching James work with Mumba was so valuable as I realised that what I thought was my inability to carry out the technique as a novice was, actually, my horse processing! It might take a while for her to let everything in her past go but it is going to be so worthwhile to bring that peace to her. Thank you so much James and Shelley for continuing to develop this amazing relationship tool - I am so glad I signed up to the online course for life so that I can follow your progress.

by Jill Perkins on Trust Technique Dream Day

Thank you both so much for a truly inspiring day James and Shelley.
It should be compulsory for all horse owners . I look forward to contiuing my journey with my beautiful animals who incidentally are also truly grateful to you. Once I have completed the video course l shall definitely want to start on the Diploma course so that l can share this with others. At last our equines have a voice. I also know it is going to help me with my R DA coaching. Thank you ??

by Cat Digby-Diamond on Trust Technique Dream Day

From the moment I first saw James working his Trust Technique on Animals on line my Heart swung open & joy flooded every corner of it to overflow from my eyes. It truly was a Dream Day all round from the get go as Horus (the Horse) first greeted me followed by an instantaneous bond with Oscar (the Cat) so after that I was spellbound by the ultimate compassion delivered via The Trust Technique & how truly life changing to all concerned it is and how long it’s been in my life to see something like Trust held with such Sacred Reverence. James, Shelley, Jo & John a very special thank you for the Environmental influences of a much needed change in the way we are in connection with the Animal Kingdom. Bless ?????

by Juliet Jordan on Trust Technique Dream Day

A wonderful,heartfelt training day. Relaxed and entertaining as well as sensitively delivered by James and Shelley. I'll treasure this new knowledge. Thank you.

by Shadia Ibrahim on Trust Technique Dream Day

A brilliant day, it was lifechanging for me. Thank you so much, you have restored hope in me for the human race. It has shown me that I am on the right path to helping heal animals and humans through enhancing relationships. Thanks again, I hope to see James and Shelley again soon.

by Frances flynn on Trust Technique Dream Day

Thankyou James, Shelley and all involved for the wonderful day on 4/2/18. It was a wonderful way to learn the trust technique in a unique setting. It will live with me forever. It is so uplifting to know there are people in this world who care so much for animals and to be introduced to a technique which benefits animals and humans alike. I look forward to hearing more successes from James and Shelley. They are very special people

by Pat Hallett on Trust Technique Dream Day

Thank you so much for such a wonderful course on Saturday. I was so moved by what I saw. It has certainly always been my hope that one day animal cruelty will end and that increasingly man will live in harmony with animals showing them love, tenderness, respect, compassion and that wonderful friendships will blossom. I always saw it as a dream, too big to be realised, but after the weekend what really touched me is the realisation that wonderful people like James and Shelley are taking this forward as TRUE Lightworkers. They are working so hard, growing and developing, spreading the word, educating and training many people in a different and beautiful way to "BE" with animals. Its difficult to put into words when you experience such a deep connection of caring, authentic pure love and I feel so privileged to have witnessed that on Saturday and to have felt that in my own heart, what an amazing gift it was !!!. My heartfelt thanks to James, Shelley, their son, the wonderful horses and all the lovely people I met on the day, The memory will always remain in my heart.

by Annette Paterakis on Trust Technique Dream Day

The dream day was my first experience with the trust Technique. I can only recommend it, it was a fun day, we learned a lot, and got to watch James demonstrate how to truly connect with horses. This technique, or way of communicating is a loving, respectful and sensible way to connect and communicate. Being in the moment doesn't just benefit the animals, it will benefit every relationship, whether with humans or with animals. I am definitely going to explore more and learn more through the video's. Big thank you to Shelley and James for your dedication and love!

by Vanessa Mustchin on Trust Technique Dream Day

Having now done 4 different courses with James and Shelley, the delivery of the information is still as fresh and interesting as ever. Their passion and desire to help animals is so authentic and from the heart. I learnt loads more on this course and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with animals. The trust technique is so simple, loving and peaceful and that's its power! Love it.

by Risa on Trust Technique Dream Day

Thank you James and Shelley for the incredible week at the Omega Institute. It was such an honor to see James at work with all the incredible animals we got to meet. The skills and tips I learned during the week have made a world of difference in creating a bond with my new rescue dog of 2 months. That is not to mention how much the technique has changed my own life. This straight forward and gentle approach can change the world! Thank you again!

by Karen on Trust Technique Dream Day

Shelley and James are genuine, warm, caring individuals. The Trust Technique provides everyone with the ability to truly care for and protect our fellow animal beings and friends. Delivered in a simple, yet, touching and soul searching way, this technique is amazing and I am thankful for such truthful and caring people as Shelley and James are for their dedication in sharing this for the good of all beings. I will be continuing my journey and look forward to it with excitement and positivity. I recommend this, don't keep thinking about it, attend an I Have a Dream Day, it's wonderful.

by diane graham on Trust Technique Dream Day

I am truly grateful to James and Shelly for making possible the 5 day trust technique at the omega institute in NY. Having done at least 8 other animal communication courses all in Europe I din't know what to expect: it was really amazing and exactly what I needed to learn to progress on a spiritual path with animals. Generous in their teaching, walking the walk, doing the talk, a friend asked me if what I saw on the video course was real, yes, it is really real! I am truly grateful and feel so lucky to have witnessed the amazing connection, literally beyond words, possible between James, Shelly and animals, who never lie about energy and feelings. I have learnt so much from just being present, I came from Italy but feel like I went to the moon.thank you thank you thank you.

by Genie Joseph on Trust Technique Dream Day

I attended the Dream Day in California in July with James and Shelley. It was an amazing experience to feel the work in person. I really loved being able to watch James work with the horses, and just how they reacted to him. It was as if they just wanted to be near him, they could feel the energy -- it was familiar and delicious to them, and it was wonderful to watch them scoop it up. As wonderful as seeing the videos are, seeing it with your own eyes is an experience you don't want to miss.

by Lisa Campbell on Trust Technique Dream Day

I attended a workshop with James and Shelley in Australia earlier this year. At the time I was about to give up on a rescue horse that had come into my care. I had been advised by vets and horse experts that this horse was beyond help. I was having trouble letting go of her and attended James Trust Technique Clinic as a last hope. Through the learning of the technique and the very positive conversation held with James in regard to this horse, everything has turned around. James encouraged me to keep going with her, and through the use of the trust technique she is now a completely different horse. She has gone from what most would say dangerous, to soft and lovable, and has even started a career helping troubled teenage girls. I would highly recommend to every animal owner to attend a workshop and to purchase the video course. Its content is invaluable. Thanks James for hearing my story tears and all, and for your encouragement to keep going, your advice was so helpful.

by Lee Hardman on Trust Technique Dream Day

James and Shelley are spearheading a new movement in communicating with animals. The workshop contains information that is so important that it is not only riveting it feels that it is opening a portal in your heart and mind. I loved it so much I didn't want to stop for morning tea or lunch. This has never happened to me before. Amazing is what it is.!!!

by Julie von Platen on Trust Technique Dream Day

James and Shelley are godsends. This work is so important, so accessible and so loving.In February, James and Shelley delivered a well thought through, well timed and easy to follow expose of the Trust Technique in a day workshop. i would re-attend in a heartbeat.

Both James and Shelley compliment each other - their belief in their work is evident and this, in turn, impacts information delivery in a very positive 'I can do this too' fashion.

i'm very very keen to follow on from the video platinum course into a practitioner course as i feel like i've been waiting my whole life to work with animals in this way.

i came away from the February workshop wanting more, very pleased to have been included and open to much broader learning. As a vipassana meditator for 22 years, daily trust technique practice is a natural compliment.

Thank you for globalising this natural, fundamental way of being.

Julie von Platen

by Veronica Phillips on Trust Technique Dream Day

I attended a Trust Technique day in Australia at the beginning of 2016. It was a beautiful heartfelt experience. Amazing to learn from James how simple the technique is (not takes practise). James's style is easygoing and very authentic, however really informative data and awesome demonstrations. I would attend his programs again without hesitation and look forward to seeing him in August and November. Shelley and James are so genuine and friendly lovely to be around them and share in their amazing work

by Veronica Phillips on Trust Technique Dream Day

I attended a Trust Technique day in Australia at the beginning of 2016. It was a beautiful heartfelt experience. Amazing to learn from James how simple the technique is (not takes practise). James's style is easygoing and very authentic, however really informative data and awesome demonstrations. I would attend his programs again without hesitation and look forward to seeing him in August and November. Shelley and James are so genuine and friendly lovely to be around them and share in their amazing work